Nate Ferrell


These are my day-to-day ramblings about PowerShell development, DevOps adventures and overall explorations in life.

Hello there!

I love spending my free time tinkering with PowerShell module development, figuring out the most cost effective ways to approach architecture, and automating everything I can. I hope to bring my passions to “paper” here and share the knowledge I pick up along the my journey.

You may see some posts here and think…

“…but, that’s not the best way to do it! It’s at least now how I would do it!!”

These posts are written from my viewpoint built from my experiences. If you see something wrong in a code snippet that I post or can think of a way to do it better, I would love to hear it in the comments! One of the best parts about technology is that there is always room to grow your skill set and make your processes that much better.

Let’s grow together.

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