Nate Ferrell

Nate Ferrell

Sr. Systems/DevOps Engineer

Nate is originally from Los Angeles but is now based in Dallas. While not working in office as a full time DevOps engineer, he spends his time working on Open Source projects. His favorite language to work with is PowerShell, but he’s constantly switching between Ruby, Python and JavaScript as well. He other interests outside of work include wrestling with his dogs and figuring out what should be in the world’s best hot sauce.

PowerShell development, DevOps culture, constant forward motion. I will never believe that I have learned enough; complacency is death.

Dallas/Plano, Texas, United States



Sr. Systems/DevOps Engineer at PennyMac

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  • Automated malicious email quarantine and notification to dramatically decrease risk of infection to end users
  • Integrated SQL server job failures with ServiceNow's Event Management
  • Implemented custom automation to manage entitlement provisioning in various systems where there was no way to accomplish it out-of-the-box


Founder/Developer at SCRT HQ

SCRT HQ (Secret Headquarters) is an organization that I started to house the personal projects that I am developing. These are primarily PowerShell modules that I felt would be mutually beneficial for the general public as well as myself/my workplace, created out of either a current need in my role or pure curiosity. Most of the modules that I publish are REST API wrappers or .NET SDK wrappers, although I do have a number of modules I have yet to push that are for more Windows-admin centric tasks.


  • Developed VaporShell, a PowerShell module to assist in AWS CloudFormation template building and stack management
  • Developed vscode-gitter, the first extension for Visual Studio Code to send code snippets/files directly to Gitter from the editor
  • Developed PSGSuite, a PowerShell module that wraps Google's various API's, enabling automation capabilities with G Suite / Google Drive for system administrators


AWS Certified Developer - Associate from Amazon Web Services

Validation Number: Z076ERWKJN4411SR

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate from Amazon Web Services

Validation Number: 0F95E11KB1BQ175E

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate from Amazon Web Services

Validation Number: 9MEFH7TC12VQ1151

Certified Performance Pro from New Relic

License 10979094

Certified G Suite Administrator from Google


Fluency: Native speaker


Level: Master
G Suite / Google APIs
Level: Master
Level: Intermediate
Amazon Web Services
Level: Intermediate
Windows Server
Level: Intermediate
System Architecture
Level: Intermediate
System Administration
Level: Master
Level: Master
Technical Support
Level: Master
Level: Master
Active Directory
Level: Master
RESTful WebServices
Level: Master
G Suite Admin SDK
Level: Master
Google APIs
Level: Master
Level: Beginner
Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
Level: Begineer


Rescuing Dogs
  • Pit Bulls
  • American Staffordshire Terriers
  • American Bulldogs